The Best Portable Vaporizers For Dry Herbs 2017

How to Choose the Best Portable Vaporizer

When you are entering the world of vaping, you will find different styles and types of portable vaporizers. That is why choosing the best portable vaporizer can be overwhelming. The goal of this article is to help you select a portable device that is best for you.

Buying a vaporizer is a difficult undertaking. Are you new to vaping? If so, you must first learn the advantages of vaping. Vaping is safer than smoking.

The following are the best tips for choosing a portable vaporizer.

Best Portable Vaporizer

1. Discreet

Do you want to keep your vaporizer usage under wraps? Nobody can notice that you are using most of the portable vaporizers because they look stylish, plain and they don’t have a cannabis leaf. The most popular vaporizers are discreet. Keep this in mind when you are buying a portable vaporizer.

2. Duration of the Draw

What is the duration of the draw? It is the amount of time needed to retrieve vapor from a vaporizer. A good vaporizer has small draw duration. The vaporizer makes the vaping experience more pleasant because the vapor is unleashed quickly. Do not choose a vaporizer that has long draw durations because some of them are poorly made.

3. Quality of the Vapor

Never choose a vaporizer that produces a vapor that tastes like smoke. The best portable vaporizers offer vapor that is flavorsome and aromatic However, it is usually hard to find out the taste of the vapor when you are buying the vaporizer.

It is hard to know the quality of the vapor when you are buying it, but vaporizers use convection and not conduction so they produce quality vapor. That is why you must choose convection based vaporizers.

4. Durable

Choose a strong and rigid portable vaporizer because it is durable. Be careful if you are buying a vaporizer that is made of glass. Pick the vaporizer to find out how it feels. Do not choose a vaporizer that feels fragile because it is usually made of cheap materials. The vaporizer usually breaks easily if it is handled incorrectly. Consider the quality of the glass because some glasses crack when you are using the vaporizer.

5. The Brand

Buy a portable vaporizer from a reliable brand because their portable vaporizers are reliable. Read as much as you can about the brand and use reputable brands only.

It is important to know where you are going to buy the best portable vaporizer. Shopping stores are great, but make sure that they have what you are looking for. Buy a vaporizer from reputable stores because they have excellent customer service and they buy their vaporizers directly from manufacturers.

6. Battery Life

The battery life of a vaporizer is important, especially if you are always on the go and you don’t have the time to recharge your device. You can buy a vaporizer that uses external batteries because you can always travel with a backup.

And there are vaporizers that use batteries that have a long life. These batteries usually last for more than 2 hours. Buy these vaporizers because most vaporizers have batteries that last for less than 2 hours.

Find out how the vaporizer charges. If you are traveling, buy a vaporizer that uses a standard charging port such as Micro USB plug. You can charge the vaporizer in your car or even at your hotel.

7. The Maintenance of the Vaporizer

The best portable vaporizers require maintenance. Maintenance needs patience. For example, you should clean or replace the filters, polish out the heating chambers, and get the build up out of the air pathway. You must maintain your vaporizer properly if you want it to last for a long time. Choose a portable vaporizer that is easy to maintain.

8. The Price

What is the price of the portable vaporizer you want to buy? You are going to use the vaporizer for some time so if have the money, invest in a good vaporizer. There are both cheap and expensive vaporizers.

You can easily find the one that you can afford. However, not all cheap vaporizers are bad. There are some that are good. There are some expensive vaporizers that are not worth the money.

9. Simplicity and Ease of Use

Choose a simple portable vaporizer. Your goal is to reap therapeutic benefits of the vaping materials or to get that ultimate high. That is why the most popular vaporizers are simple and they have easy-to-use designs. You don’t need a user manual to use the vaporizer.

Ok, now you know how to choose the best portable vaporizer. It is now time that you search for the right portable vaporizer. There are several vaporizers in the market so make sure that you are choosing the right portable vaporizer. Do not waste your time and money buying a vaporizer from a company or a store you do not know or trust.