Pax 3 Vaporizer Review

Pax 3 Vaporizer Review
Is the PAX 3 the best portable vaporizer available on the market?

It’s no secret that the PAX 2 set the bar extremely high, so is it worth it to upgrade to the PAX 3?

If you’re a long time vape user, or even a beginner, there’s a great chance you’ve heard about PAX portable vaporizers. Currently, PAX is in it’s third release and believed to be better than ever before and definitely ahead of its competitors. We recently got the latest PAX vape pen, the PAX 3, to check out the updates that were made on it. We used this product over a period of time, under many different conditions, to see whether or not it lives up to its reputation. Here’s our real, honest, and authentic review of the PAX 3.

We cannot start discussing the PAX 3 without acknowledging its preceding vape, the PAX 2. Ploom (the original company) released the PAX 2 back in 2007. It was praised by the vaping market, and known to be one of the best vape pens available to date. This leads us to wonder, how does a company make improvements on a vape pen that already has a stellar reputation across the vaping world?

If you decide to purchase it, the PAX 3 will cost you about $274.99 which is considered pricey for a portable vaporizer. It comes in various colors such as silver, gold, and black. While the PAX 2 has more of a matte outer design, the PAX 3 has more of a shiny high gloss appearance. Aside for the contents in the box, the PAX 3’s packaging has the same premium appearance and luxury feel as its predecessor.

One of the first update we immediately noticed was the new app. You can download it on your phone or tablet, from there you can dial in the exact temperature you want your vaporizer to be set at. The app works very well and is very easy to use. While some might think that having an app that works for a vape pen is going overboard, but I want to remind you that vape apps are becoming very popular and the PAX’s app is much easier to use than over vapes that have many way too many different types of heat settings.

PAX 3 upgrades from PAX 2:

– With the PAX 3, you have the ability to get concentrate chambers in many other formats.
– A half filled oven of flower will provide you with a decent amount of ploom vapor. You don’t have to worry about filling up your chamber to the maximum in order to get a good hit.
– If flower and taste is important to you, you’ll be happy to know that the PAX 3 app is greatly helpful when it comes to taste improvements. The taste settings do a better job at highlighting the terpenes flavor profiles and, making them noticeable in your vape flavor.
– PAX 3 heats up faster than PAX 2 and vibrates when ready for use.
– PAX 3 provides better burn and airflow. You don’t have to worry about leaving any flower behind. All waste is browned equally. Upon extraction, you’ll never get multicolored nuggets.
– The battery life has improved, however, we believe there is still more room for improvement.
– The new app functions on the PAX 3 have improved the overall vaping experience.

We wanted to see how the PAX 3 performed with other formats, therefore we decided to test the concentrates chamber. First we brought out the wax and once the vaporizer was ready to go, we started vaping. Our vaporizer was set at the highest levels just as PAX recommended in their instructions. The vape ploom and the wax was identical to the flower. We’re very happy to report that under the highest settings, the vaporizer performed really well. While using the wax, it gave us consisted hits, and tasted even better than other wax vape pens as well as provided better quality of vapor.

There are so many companies nowadays that primarily focus on terpenes, therefore, it was very nice to see that the PAX 3 not only deliver in intensity but in taste as well.

Overall, the flower is our preferred method of vaping with the PAX 3, as the vaping experience you get is similar to dry herbs and wax. This is great news for those who want a format that’s stronger but do not want to sacrifice on the taste and quality of the vapor. With the PAX 3, your vaping sessions are longer than what other vape pens provide, but be sure to pay attention to the chamber, because after a while of vaping the vape pen tends to get really hot. This is normal but you still want to be careful.

Now, unto the cool high-tech stuff!

We previously mentioned that the PAX 3 app was updated but you might not be aware of what makes it so cool. First, you have the ability to connect through Bluetooth (basically with headphones that don’t have a cord.) Connecting to the app is easy, simple, and straight forward. No complexity there. Once you’re connected to the phone, you can name your vape pen and just like that, you’re ready to dial in.

In case you’re wondering, we named our vape pen, PAX 3 Supervape Hero because that’s what it represents for us and we love it.

In addition to the temperature, you also have the different modes which are fun to use. The mods make it easy for people to get the effects they want without having to mess with the temperature.

The 5 Dynamic Modes:

1. Standard: activates your temperature control settings.
2. Stealth: provides ultimate privacy and discretion.
3. Boost: ensures that your device is performing at highest gear.
4. Flavor: produces the most flavorful and delicious taste.
5. Efficiency: ensures that everything is used and that no drop is wasted.

There’s another feature which we refer to as “Apple-ish”.

It’s the vibrational alert which is identical to the features of the Apple Watch. When you set up your device and turn it on for use, it will vibrate to let you know that its ready to be used. This alert can be very helpful, especially when you’re sitting around, staring at the walls, waiting for your devise to be ready.

With all that said, the question becomes whether or not you should upgrade to the PAX 3?

Time to get real honest.

If you have a PAX 2 that is set up to be dialed in and you mostly use flower, and it’s working well for you, there’s no pressing need to upgrade to the PAX 3 unless you’re an ultimate fan who wants to always have the latest PAX release. Now if you don’t have the PAX 3 or any other quality vape pen and you’re looking to have a high-end vaporizer that is easily portable, comes with amazing features, and provides multiple formats to vape, then the PAX 3 is definitely the right one for you.

Be aware that PAX also makes other vape pens that are more affordable and also smaller that can be used for concentrates. The PAX Era is a great example. It has its own pod system which you can find in many vaping stores in Colorado and California. You can also buy it online. In summary, if you only want to use a vape pen for concentrates and want the amazing features that the PAX 3 provides without paying the high price, then the PAX Era might just be the vaporizer that will be a great fit for your needs.

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